Macro Monday…

Our weather really can’t make up its mind. None of the reports are accurate either; it seems determined to rain, no matter what they say. It was on one of my brief trips outside that I found this little gem.

I remember sowing this seed, Love in the Mist, at the beginning of the year. I say sowing, which makes it sound very technical when all I did was toss sprinkles anywhere there was a patch of bare ground. Since then, the mare’s tail weed has taken over; their leaves are very similar, so I wasn’t aware of their pending arrival. I love surprises like this! BTW, does anyone know of an effective way to get rid of this stuff?

Not much of anything was done over the weekend, as Anita hasn’t been well at all, and my carer duties have stepped up a notch. She should see a doctor, but that would take more than my suggestion, unfortunately. We normally have to wait until she is too ill to argue. As for me, I am to have another x-ray, as my back is no better. I also have a cardiac appointment on Thursday.

All in all, not the atmosphere for creating anything worthwhile, but knowing me, I will still try…

we need to get well soon!

11 thoughts on “Macro Monday…

  1. At 72, my back, knees and hands are complaining at every opportunity but the secret is not to give in! I carry on and, once I have gone through the initial pain threshold, I can stay weeding or planting for a couple of hours. It’s when I stop that it hurts!
    A friend of mine swears that she has killed off her Mare’s Tail using road salt! Frankly, I have my doubts. I am led to believe that the roots go for miles and you may kill off the top growth for a while but it will be back!
    Incidentally, Nigella can become quite the pest too if you’re not careful, it self seeds everywhere!

  2. I’m so sorry to hear that your back is troubling you and that Anita hasn’t been well. She sounds so stubborn, Jaye, but I understand too. Ill health is tiring! For you all. I hope for a little sunshine in more ways than one. Hugs, my friend.

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