This is One Hell of a way to start August!

This is one hell of a way to start August!

Tomorrow we are getting a new couch. This entails dragging the old one outside for collection.

Not a problem, right?


The last time we did this, for the two-seater, and not so long ago, I hurt my back and damaged my knee. What made matters worse was that we hated the new couch and had to drag the old one back indoors again.

I swore I would never do this again, but here we are again.

I can never understand why it is so hard to move a couch. It’s as if they take root in the carpet. They are heavy, awkward, and difficult to grip. The main problem for us, apart from the fact that geriatrics are not supposed to be doing these things, is the ill-placed storage heater in the hall, making it very difficult to manoeuvre a couch. Whose idea was it to put it so close to the front door?

Another problem from last time was the rather large handle on the front door. This caused a lot of trouble last time, so I decided to remove it.

The outgoing couch is a recliner and heavier than usual because of all the metal fittings. Luckily, the seat backs can be removed so the whole thing is not so wide. There was a time when me and Anita would have managed to get it outside with no problem. But that was then. Anita can’t do it now, not with her heart problem. Nowadays, we need a lot of help.

That’s where the number one son, mister muscles, comes in very handy.

We set to with optimism, always a good thing to have on your side, and the damned thing was soon outside, upside down in the front garden awaiting collection.

And it took us just fifteen minutes!

13 thoughts on “This is One Hell of a way to start August!

  1. Well done. I sincerely hope we never have to move ours. How it came in I have no memory of, but that would have been a task and a half! It’s a large leather one, so unlikely to wear out. It’s 21 years old, and still looking good, so it should see us out. Then it’ll be our children’s problem.
    Young men are useful, though!

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