What a Week that Was…

Acer bonsai in Training…

I haven’t been around much this week, and for this, I do apologise.

I have been so busy; there literally hasn’t been a spare moment, but it has been a fun-filled, action-packed week. I have managed to clear some outstanding jobs that had been haunting me for weeks and also a few that I just had to tackle, just for the hell of it.

There has been carpet shampooing, cementing, garden blitzing and actually housework. You name it, and I have probably done it this week!

Even with all of this going on, I have managed to write up a storm, and the WIP is way past the midway now. Two of our books have new covers, and the marketing of these is ongoing too.

I am hoping that the new low-dose course of steroids that I have been taking has been the miracle maker, for I feel so much more like the me I used to know. The arthritis is still a menace, but somehow, not as depressing as it used to be.

The most amazing part of the past week has been the sheer joy of accomplishment, something that has been missing for a while. I even took the time to enjoy my bonsai instead of the usual duty visit.

The image of the acer at the top of this post was the one that caught my eye yesterday. It is far from being a proper bonsai, but such promise! This lovely acer is quite rare with its variegated foliage, and I adore the scarlet shoots of the new growth…

I wonder what I will get up to over the weekend…

Wishing everyone a glorious weekend!

21 thoughts on “What a Week that Was…

  1. Wow, what a fab week for you. Be careful though, no doubts the ‘speedy’ feeling of steroids will have you very busy. Don’t over-extert yourself:) I remember not sleeping and cooking dinner for the next night at 3am, lol. Plus it makes you super hungry. I hope your energy keeps up! <3

  2. WONDERFUL! When I’m out of sorts, I like to do very physical tasks – like cleaning and organizing the garage. My brain goes on vacation and leaves me alone for a bit, and I’m all the happier for it! 😄

  3. Wow, you really have been busy! That kind of sense of accomplishment is so wonderful.
    I had a heck of a week too, but it was more in the nature of neighbor problems, and my sink flooding the kitchen yet again… Things that have no end or accomplishment. Oh well. As long as my air conditioner holds out in this 3rd week of 100+ degree heat.

    I wanted to let you know that I’m featuring you two on my next Atonement serial post. However, I’m running late with it. After dealing with the sink, I’m not up to finishing it tonight. Hopefully I can post it some time tomorrow. Hugs.

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