Healing Magic… #Poetry

Image by André Santana AndreMS from Pixabay

Healing Magic

I trust in the man who stills the dark waters of my mind
Steering my falling body past the rocky outcrop
Placing me gently on the warm rock
A seat to sit, to think. 
Look back at the spot where I stood on the edge 
Thinking dark thoughts, tilting my body forward
Waiting for the cold dark water to take me
Wash my sins downstream
I lie with the warm rock against my back
Soft breeze lifting the leaves above my head
Making their own kind of music to dance to
How did I get from that side of the gorge to this?
Watching, listening to the sound only water can make
To soothe my soul
White foam blanket of forgiveness over dark water
A hidden place I can return to, 
wondering whose hand had saved me
Placing me beside the image of a wise owl 
In this hidden place of gentle healing magic 
I am home...


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