Jaye’s Days…

This might be a new year and all that, but am I the only one who feels like
their magic spark has gone out?

I have been blaming this feeling on health and other problems, but maybe
something else is going on?

We are constantly told that reading more will make us better writers and
that we should blog with enthusiasm to build up our presence on the web. But I
find that some of the things we do seem counterproductive and time-consuming.
Confusion is not a happy place to be, so my brain has rooted out its thinking
hat. Not sure if that might be an oxymoron!

Don’t get me wrong, reading does make me think and probably improves my
vocabulary, but sometimes I end up reading too much, taking time away from my
writing. When I first started blogging, I read everything I could get my hands
on, desperate to learn the secrets of the black magic box of the blogosphere.

And admittedly, I learnt a lot.

Just lately, though, I have noticed a slight change in my attitude to all
things blog related. It suddenly dawned on me that, as bloggers, we are trying
far too hard to be the best at what we do with our constant searching for the
golden egg. And because we are so busy running around like headless chickens,
we are losing sight of our focus, the real reason we blog in the first place.
We might even be missing the plot or choosing all the wrong moves.

I have been worried that there doesn’t seem to be enough hours in the day to
do everything. With the increasing amount of emails and time spent on social
media, there isn’t much left for writing or blogging, come to that. Not to
mention any new ideas that need to be explored or any of our other interests.

It could be time to step away and have a long hard look at what we do. Time
to prioritise and cherry pick what we really want to concentrate on, or even
find different ways of doing it. Don’t ask me what, for my brain hasn’t gone
that far, yet. I just know it is time for something new, exciting even. How
about that?

Life might be different when the weather settles down, but I doubt it. I
think we must concentrate on what we can do and do well, instead of chasing so
many rainbows…

What does everyone else think?



23 thoughts on “Jaye’s Days…

  1. Last year I lost sight of so many things I wanted, and sometimes needed to do … and still struggling with that this year. I try not to give myself a hard time though, not too often anyway. 🙂 … I’m slowly finding my new Path through the morass, but it’s hard work and it fucking sucks some days … every so often though I came across a diamond, be it seeing more birds in the sky every day, (I really missed them over winter) or observing the huge piles of snow slooooooowly melting/evaporating, (mostly to do with the turning of the season) and it kind of resets my internal gyroscope for a while.
    With reguards to my writing, I’m trying to view things through the WIBBOW test – Would I Be Better Off Writing – again something I’m struggling mightily with, and crashing-and-burning most of the time, but my success rate is slowly climbing out of the single digit percentages.
    All the above is my way of saying you’re not alone in this struggle. 🙂 … I don’t know where we’ll all be at the end of this time, but I have this teensiest bit of hope that it’ll be OK. 🙂

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  2. Don’t worry too much. We are living in a very challenging time. So many news from all over the world, mostly negative are influencing our behaviour. This is so stressful, and any slowing down is welcome to create new power.Thinking positive is the best we can do. We cannot change the world, and we should not allow world news changing our life. Best wishes, Michael

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  3. You have hit the proverbial nail on the head, Jaye. It’s too hard to try and do everything, be everything to everyone and have any energy left for our own pursuits. I agree. We often must step away and reevaluate our daily actions. Hugs!

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  4. At times, as far as blogging is concerned, one has to be ruthless and cut back on what one is trying to do and achieve. It is impossible to do everything. set oneself a strict limit to the number of e-mails to read each day. My rule is usually a maximum of 10. Set a limit to the number of posts regularly followed. Stepping back and reflecting is not failure. It is wisdom’s torch burning bright. One has to focus upon what ones body and mind are telling one. The whole purpose of blogging is to enjoy, have fun and be as stress free as is possible. There is life beyond blogging. Take care My Friend. Stay Safe. Have a great day.

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