Saturday… Joy and Confusion…

I hoped to find enough Spring growth to do a Six on Saturday post today. Unfortunately, these were all I could find but such a joy to see.

I also hoped to create a post about my hospital appointment on Thursday. Sadly, the stuff they injected into my arm that day had a weird effect on my brain, rendering me incapable of coherent thought. I slept most of yesterday but feel like my old self today.

I had some amazing news which, although very welcome, created confusion and many questions.

The procedure went well; the only painful bit was putting the catheter in my arm. The lights in the room were lowered, and the machines fired up and stickers placed on my chest. Once the drugs were administered, my heart began to hammer as if trying to get out of my chest. This was only supposed to last a few minutes, but it felt much longer as different parts of my heart were watched and recorded.

So many questions were asked about how I had been feeling lately, and I explained my weakness and breathlessness. The doctor seemed puzzled, and then she said the most amazing thing. That my heart had managed to bypass the blocked artery! It had found another source and was performing beautifully. I couldn’t believe it. All this time, I have been suffering from painful angina, terrible breathlessness and lack of strength, which was all due (I thought) to the totally blocked artery. To be told that my heart was perfectly fine and happy seemed unreal and impossible. My doubts must have shown on my face because she tried to explain it better. There was no way that my heart was causing any of these symptoms; something else was wrong. She advised a full respiratory investigation, as this was where she thought the trouble lay.

So, despite the wonderful news, I had more questions than answers. Worrying questions. I am asthmatic, so well used to that, but it has never made me constantly breathless. And if this pain in my chest isn’t angina, what the hell is it?

Of course, I am delighted that I won’t be having a heart attack any time soon, but I face another long wait for this new investigation. Now that I know I will be around for a while, I have decided to pull myself together, exercise more, lose a few pounds and concentrate on my writing…

Thank you, everyone, for being there for me. Your support was much needed and very appreciated. Bless you, all…

29 thoughts on “Saturday… Joy and Confusion…

  1. Great news about your heart. Trusting you will not have to wait too long for a diagnosis to clear up your concerns regarding breathlessness and pain in the chest. A short walk a day will certainly help. Start easy and slowly and go a little further each day. All the while listening to what your body tells you and no more, DON’T OVER EXERCISE! Set yourself manageable simple goals to ensure success. Take it day by day. If one day you find yourself a little weary sit down and take in the view, chat to passers by, read a book, listen to music, relax , recover and enjoy. Don’t be disappointed that you have not achieved this or that goal. There is always tomorrow to move slowly forwards again. Have fun and enjoy that is the trick to achieving success. Take each day as it comes and see what it serves up. I’m no doctor or expert; but, hope you find my words useful. Have a great day my Friend.

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