A Visit to the Doctor, not what it used to be!

I played hooky yesterday.

The earache that has been gradually driving me mad for months seemed even worse and, with the added headache, left me in a foul mood.

In the past, when this happened, the best thing to do was lie low. Find someone to hide and keep my head down.

Not wanting to do anything doesn’t happen to me very often, and for some reason, I didn’t feel guilty about it either.

Maybe that will come later, I thought.

I can hear you all thinking I should have seen my doctor already. It may surprise you that I have seen my doctor on numerous occasions about this problem. To date, all I have been given is a spray for my nose, which hasn’t done a darn thing.

Anyway, ever the optimistic soul, I made another appointment. I won’t go into a rant over how long I had to wait for this day to arrive, as that is another can of worms.

She looked in both of my ears and pronounced them fine. No infection, wax or anything that could be causing me pain.

And that was that.

When I asked (fearless and persistent, two of my better traits) why I had been having this earache for so long, she smiled and said I must be going through a bad patch. I couldn’t argue with that, what with the recent covid episode and the additional heart trouble earlier this year.

I am beginning to think that those rumours about the lack of duty of care for those over seventy may be true. When my angina had me in hospital this summer, they found one of my main arteries completely blocked. The subsequent angiogram couldn’t shift the blockage. All I got then, apart from a lot of sympathy from the poor technician who had tried four times to clear it, was a smile from the heart consultant, a box of statins, and a see you in six weeks.

I am still waiting for this appointment three months later.

Added to that is my asthma which has been completely out of control since covid, and the ever-present arthritis, which is doing its level best to keep me indoors; I don’t have much chance of keeping a good mood going…

I did enjoy my day off, though and may do it again.

11 thoughts on “A Visit to the Doctor, not what it used to be!

  1. I have a numbness in my feet. I’ve had it for several years now. I was asked if it affected my walking. No. Sent me for tests. Found nothing wrong. Still numb feet.
    Had a sharp stomach pain occasionally. Was sent for an ultrasound scan. Nothing found. A few years later, a few months ago I had a lot of heartburn, pains and discomfort. I went to see a pharmacist who told me to see the doctor. Doctor’s surgery only accessible online. (Try ringing. Impossible. By the time you get through, there are no appointments left.) I filled in the symptom form and got an email telling me that they had arranged for me to consult with a pharmacist! Circles within circles.

  2. I am so sorry, Jaye. This is a tough one. I don’t know if you have access to any homeopathic doctors in your area, but ear candling might alleviate the pain. Wishing you a complete recovery!

  3. We are in a different world to the one we grew up in, clearly. I’ve had a bad stomach bug and I have to wait two weeks for a telephone appointment… and I’m told that’s a really fast one!!! Chuckles. We’d better smile, ‘cos the cavalry ain’t coming ⭐️

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