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When someone suggested that I take a look at my own garden to see if I could find six signs of life, I hesitated. Surely it was still too early? I have been so busy trying to avoid all the recent misery and depression, I had assumed that the rest of the world was doing the same.

At first, I resisted the urge to step outside and head for the garden, but gradually, curiosity took over and I had to have a look. Right outside my front door, I spotted the small green spikes of the dwarf daffodils, bravely pushing their way through the dark purple leaves of the bugle.

Dwarf daffodils

Beginning to feel a little more optimistic, I walked to the bottom of the garden where one of my favourite plants lives. A purple rhododendron, probably older than I am judging by the ancient branches, was sprouting big fat flower buds. Another welcome sign of Spring!


Looking around, everything else looked dormant, and then I remembered the evergreen heather. Tucked away in one of the flower beds, hiding under the wisteria, it always seemed to be in flower. I hurried over to the spot, expecting to be disappointed only to be greeted by the usual display of the tiny lavender flowers. I was smiling now…


As I turned around not expecting to find anything else to smile at, I almost walked right the camelia. This has never managed to thrive but always flowers well with pale butter-yellow flowers. Suddenly, I couldn’t wait for the weather to warm up!


That was four signs of Spring, but I needed two more.

As I passed the shelves of sleeping bonsai, my ancient azalea almost waved at me. I stood and stared at it in astonishment. This plant has never bloomed at this time of year before, always preferring the run-up to Christmas. This is a very special double white azalea, donated to me years ago in a very bad condition, and I could definitely see the white flower buds. Spring or Christmas, this would be a wonderful welcome!


I still needed one more, and I racked my brains to think where any new growth could be hiding but came up empty. As I pondered, my gaze found my baby pine seedlings. Technically they are not brand new growth, having sprouted late last year but they have survived the frost and the bitter cold, so could I stretch a point and add them to the list?

Pine seedlings

I walked back indoors in a much better mood than before, and promptly turned my office into a battleground, achieving more progress in an hour than had been done in the last few weeks.

So thank you The Propagator Blog. wordpress.com for your suggestion…

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