#Whatdoyousee #Keepitalive #WDYS #Poetry

What do you see # 102 – October 4, 2021

Image credit; Xresch @ Pixabay

For the visually challenged reader, this image shows a rocky landscape, near the ocean. Overhead an old house with a few mechanical devices is floating in the sky on a small piece of land.

Could be I have set my sights too high
This old house aint worth moving
It’s mine, I love it
The land too, it holds memories
Strange to say, I have found a way
To mechanise my piece of land
I now travel the universe
Looking for a place to set down
Many of the seas and skies
Remind me of the old homestead
Like Gulliver, I long to find a space
To drop down, to call home
To make new memories
To add to my land
The sights I have seen
Seeds and plants I have gathered
I have taken away memories of people
Who have stood on my land
Their essence seeping through like rain
Will speak to me, keep me company
On dark nights
Until a space opens that I can fit into
And drop anchor…

© AnitaDawes 2021

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