MLMM Wordle #259 ~ Remember My Name ~ #Poetry

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Remember My Name

Muliebrity fled my nature long ago
When I became a mother
I no longer heard my name spoken
I became mum, or darling from my husband
I became a new entity
But some would say motherhood
Is a part of it
I didn’t take to feeling different
I pushed myself to the commitment
I made by getting married
Everybody tells me I will get used
To being split in two
It is too big a change in my life
A good friend, a mentor, told me
To focus on one part of the day
Go from there, above all, stay calm
Don’t let your mind dazzle 
by the many thoughts
that come all at once
focus on the road ahead, the corner
never knowing what lies beyond
I take all their ideas on board
Wait for them to filter through
Most of all, I look forward
To the evening when I can
Have a few moments to myself
The one who had a name…

© Anita Dawes 2021

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