Fiction in a Flash Challenge… @pursoot #IARTG

‘Fiction In A Flash Challenge’ Week #23 Entry Part 3)

Late October, tracking through Cornwall,
we found this beautiful gorge
It felt like walking through a rainbow
of orange, yellow and green
A magic lantern of colour.
Making our way to the bottom, in need of lunch
We discovered a hitchhiker two yards behind
A young girl, following us who sat when we did
we asked her to join us as she must be hungry
I waved my hands to call her over with no response
Leaving her to sit alone, I wondered about her story.
With the light fading,
we decided to make our way to the B & B
Reminding my partner
it was the second full moon of the month
Making it a blue moon for good luck.
Mike said it was warm enough
to sit outside beneath it and enjoy our supper
Picking up our bits and pieces we made to move
The scream behind us stopped our feet
The ground in front of us had crumbled away
We would have fallen to our death
Had the scream not stopped us
Turning, to thank the young girl for warning us
I could see nothing but the glow of evening coming in
Making our way safe to the B & B
I wondered about the young girl behind us…

©anitadawes 2020

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