Seeing Double!

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Image by Jaye Marie

Yesterday morning, we were in the office working when Anita’s attention was drawn by what looked like a moving leaf on the path outside our window.

Nothing strange about that, I thought but she had to check it out anyway.

Turned out to be a slightly ragged and battered Peacock butterfly. He was staggering around and seemed quite weak, so we lifted him to the table and supplied him with some sugar water.

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Image by Jaye Marie


This seemed to do the trick and he eventually flew away. I wondered how he had become so ragged, as the weather was calm. Maybe he was the kind of butterfly that hibernated, which might explain his condition.

When I googled it, I discovered that Peacock butterflies do hibernate, so mystery solved!

Later on that day, I was confronted by another Peacock butterfly. This time on Sam Allen’s website, Peacock Poetry. 



Image from Peacock Poetry



I don’t believe in coincidences, do you?


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9 thoughts on “Seeing Double!

  1. Coincidences always puzzle me. When terrorists decided to wreak havoc on the transport system in London, UK in 2005, I was as horrified as everyone else as I had often taken a train to work in both the City and West End of London. Time passed, but the terrible happenings remained in the back of my mind. I was drawn to write a book but realised it was too sensitive a subject to write about too prematurely. I did research and read everything I could about the various bombings, until, finally in 2014 I had “The Catalyst” published. Checking the facts, the following revealed itself. “At 9.30 on the 7th July, 2005, an anti-terror drill was organized and carried out by Peter Power of Visor Consultants, contracted by the London Metropolitan Police Authority.” Within half an hour, the Circle train my ‘protagonist’ was travelling in, heading for Aldgate station, was blown up and several people killed. (My characters were all fictitious but the settings and occurrences were factual.) It was later revealed that the former mayor of New York, Rudolph Giuliani was staying at the Great Eastern Hotel (nr.Liverpool St. station) where TASE was hosting a conference, and Israel’s Finance Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu was keynote speaker

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