My First Trip to Scotland…



My First Trip to Scotland

My first trip to Scotland had to be Loch Ness.

I would be the one to find Nessie.

Cameral ready, I sat for hours that felt like days

Numb bum was setting in,

I had no intentions of moving

The long stretch of glass-like water

Had me spellbound

I knew underneath that dancing light

Nessie might be swimming in the darkness

Waiting to pop up just for me

I wondered how he managed to stay alive so long

Did he have a companion, young ones?

To keep this story alive

The day grew old, the loch became choppy

Creating all kinds of strange images

In my mind’s eye, yet no Nessie

Finally, time for me to move

I would come again tomorrow on my last day

Much the same as yesterday, no Nessie

Time to go home, not too disappointed

That I had not captured this elusive creature

As I had made two very good friends

That I could visit again…

©anitadawes 2020

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