Are We Afraid of Tomorrow? #Poetry




I am afraid of tomorrow, of what it might bring

Of a hunger for things unseen, yet unknown

A feeling that something interferes with your thoughts, your plans

That something watches, waiting for you to mess up

Take the wrong road.

Spend too much time on things that go nowhere.

There are days when the world around you

Feels as though it is made of treacle

Each step you take, your feet gather more of the sticky stuff

Until you feel as if you are wearing lead boots.

Tomorrow comes; the sun shines through your window

Birdsong filters through your sleeping mind.

Today you believe in angels

You put the lead boots in the cupboard

Open the window and let the new day in

Let the soft summer breeze carry yesterday’s dark thoughts away…

Anita Dawes

4 thoughts on “Are We Afraid of Tomorrow? #Poetry

      • You’re very welcome. Thorpe Park reminded me of our first visit there in 1979 when we were expecting our first baby – we got cheap tickets because it wasn’t ‘finished yet’. Then it was going to be an educational park on English history there was a viking boat and a signing of the Magna Carter – not a lot else, but still we imagined taking our children on a romp through history. By the time they were old enough to go there it was all rides! I did like the farm but I believe that’s gone now.

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