#FlashFiction Challenge for Carrot Ranch Literary Community #Poetry


September 26: Flash Fiction Challenge

Prompt: In 99 words (no more, no less) write a story about someone unremembered. Is it a momentary lapse or a loss in time? Play with the tone — make it funny, moving, or eerie. Go where the prompt leads you!


I cannot think of anyone forgotten to me

I am sure if I walk around my local graveyard

There would be so many forgotten souls

With no living relatives to lay flowers

I will lay a flower on a few bare graves

as I pass through to show they’re remembered

I asked a Jewish neighbour years ago

Why no flowers on their graves?

They don’t like to kill anything

They leave a stone to say someone has visited

I thought I might like to do that

Find a bare headstone, take a small pebble

Place it there with love…


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