Two Parts… #Poetry




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I am floating free from my bodily restraint

Solid walls cannot hold me

My body lies between clean white sheets

Alive, unmoving.

Loved ones wait to hear good news

I feel no fear as I move outside

Rain and wind have no touch

I am neither cold nor wet

I search the faces of people passing by

Their eyes are blind, they see me not

Why do I exist in this strange way?

To stay would be lonely

My body holds the key to my return

I pray it will not leave me out here too long

I want to live.

I see the world through different eyes

I know I can survive if chance is given

To start again, pain forgotten

I remember the world in colour

I have seen with other eyes

I feel a sudden shimmer

A pull, as if by an elastic band

My mind in contact, whispers

I will bring you home…


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