My Genie… #Poetry



I dream of Genie, not the soppy kind from TV

My genie is a desert dweller, dark skin from Arabian Nights

blue jewelled eyes that say, set me free

I will grant what you wish

I have read the stories of how he tricks

I take the bottle from the sand

He pleads with me to understand

The thousand years he has dwelled within

What foolishness did put you there, I ask

His eyes grow dark as memory comes

She swore her love would be mine

If wish I granted

With all haste I gave the bag of jewels she craved

Still she did not believe I was the genie from the bottle

She bid me enter to show her proof

My size you see, made a liar out of me

Wizards spell I now control

Safe I thought, love made me enter

Shrink in size to please my emerald eyed goddess

Quick as lightning she capped the bottle top

With cold wet clay iron filled

Which held me still

Buried me beneath the sand

Until now you hold my image in your hand

Tell me what it is you wish

I have no choice but to believe you will set me free

I thought a while,

then said, life was not hidden from your eyes

Help me write the stories of the thousand years you have seen

So that is my wish

Remember, they must not rush through my mind all at once

A gentle whisper one by one will do

Now I am 24, three best sellers to my name

I watch the Genie melt away

I wonder what story the he will tell today…


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