What do you See? May 28/2019


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Image by Willow Poetry


Blue stars shine

Baubles, ribbons, wrapped gift box

Tantalising, waiting to be opened

Hands itching to get inside

Mind whispering all kinds of wonders

The hope of that which lies within

Will wish be granted?

Of hints, you have given, anticipation mounts

Within the box lie two more

The third a charm, inside, a gift of gold

A small bell. The card reads

When you wear the charm

and hear the bell ring

I am there waiting with you

Watching, guarding all you do

The sound of love, lost

but never forgotten…


3 thoughts on “What do you See? May 28/2019

  1. Receiving such a gift is an adoring treasure. Your poem feel real to me. Thank you for sharing your beautiful with this poetry.

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