#Throwback Thursday ~ How Do You Achieve the Impossible?



I have never been one to back down from a challenge, although there was that one time when we were considering renovating this house, only to find that half of the supporting walls were missing. Or the time when the previous owners had removed all the fireplace walls in the house, but not the chimney stacks on the roof, creating the granddaddy of all disasters, but I digress.

Just let it be said that there are some challenges you just cannot entertain.

Some challenges, however, beg to be taken on.

You know what you need to do. (more or less)  Thousands of people are already doing it, so how hard can it be?

It also helps if you have already mastered stage one…

For a rank beginner, writing a book was hard enough. Then I had to learn how to edit, format and upload it to Amazon. To be fair, once I knew the basics, this turned out to be reasonably easy. Although, knowing I could change anything was a get out of jail card, as my memory has more holes than a colander.

At that time, I thought that was all I had to do. Over the years since then, the truth has gradually dawned, bit by frustrating bit, pointing out that there was a lot more to it than that if you wanted to be successful. Even now, there are days when the enormity of it all makes my head spin.

What We Have Tried

Paid Book Promotion Sites… most of these do a good job, but they are expensive and the results were disappointing.

Book Tours… fun, but a lot of work. We met many people but didn’t sell many books or get reviews.

KDP promos… very good for putting your books out there and shifting a ton of free copies and that’s about all!

We have recently pulled most of our books out of KDP and placed them with Draft2Digital. Seriously thinking about going back to Smashwords too, as being exclusively on Amazon just doesn’t sound right anymore.

Over the last five years, we have sold a few books and received several wonderful reviews. We have established a popular website/blog and a slowly growing list of followers, and the fire of determination still burns bright. Almost every week, I try something new, either to do with books or marketing, something supposedly guaranteed to make our books bestsellers.

The Future?

We are contemplating having a go at advertising, even though we don’t have much of a budget they seem to be the way to go. If anyone knows better, please let us know?

We are constantly told that the best way to make it in this business is to keep writing until you finally create a masterpiece. Apparently, the more you write the better chance you have of creating something that cannot be ignored.

Surely, there must be a little more to it than that?



15 thoughts on “#Throwback Thursday ~ How Do You Achieve the Impossible?

  1. I’m of the opposite mind. 80% of my sales are Amazon generated, so my main focus must be with them if I plan to earn a living. KDP is by far the largest portion of my monthly revenue, along with the multi-author box sets I participate in.
    As mentioned, having a newsletter and a strong blog/website all help to spread the word. Wishing you much success!

  2. I’m going through my second, and probably final, round of KDP Select. Like you, I’ve found it’s good for giving away free copies, but that’s all. The free copies haven’t generated a lot of reviews so far. Come October, my KDPS books are going back to wide distribution. My approach has been to turn down my expectations and to be grateful for every sale and review, but I admit there are days…

  3. I agree with Tidalscribe above, you’ve already achieved more than most ever manage. However, I understand the desire to achieve more and am actually going through many of the same processes as you. Plus I have a newsletter mailing list which I get good results from when I tell them of offers so that might be something for you to set up, if you don’t already have one that is.

  4. I don’t know the answers either; fortunately Cyberspouse was never expecting me to sell any books or earn a penny to contribute to the household expenses, let alone lifestyle luxuries, so the fact that authors who I only know on line have read, enjoyed and reviewed my books is a comforting achievement – BUT I speak in small numbers! Publishing in paperback through Amazon KIndle is an on going project which has resulted in handy Christmas presents and at least my 92 year old mother getting to hold my real books! We also held a ‘Pop up Bookshop’ before Christmas. Me buying my own books and selling them at the same price, not mnay people came, but they all bought a book. We spent more on baking the cakes than I could have earned, but had a nice time with friends and neighbours. I think we got the formula right, books on display, no pressure and they were interested in talking about the books and my writing. Don’t give up, we’ve achieved more than most people at my writing group who never finish their novels, let alone publish!

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