Black Water #Poetry



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Black Water

I am drowning in black water.

To the right of me is a ball of white light

It is static and I have the feeling

it is watching me drown.

Struggling to reach the surface

I don’t know which way is up

I am almost out of air.

The ball of light is moving, I follow

My head breaks through the surface

Still, there is no light.

Air fills my lungs, I tread water

Looking for land, a chink of light in the darkness

The ball pops up beside me,

moving slowly. Again I follow.

The sand beneath my feet

I feel it between my toes

Falling to my knees, I close my eyes

I wonder if I have gone blind

Opening my eyes, I can see

the darkness changing, grey to white

There are no buildings, no trees, no people.

Turning around I see black water behind me

I feel a hand on my shoulder

The voice said, “Do not turn,

you cannot look upon me yet

It is not your time.”

I broke through the water for a second time

with the strong desire to live.

Whose hand had touched me,

stopped me from drowning?

I can only guess…


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