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I woke this morning, wondering about the subconscious.

Does it play silly buggers in the space between our dreams while the conscious mind sleeps? Reminding me of while the cats away.

Why does the conscious mind wake us in the middle of a dream for a bathroom break?

What was it about that dream that you were not meant to play out?

Was it something the conscious mind could make a reality?

Are we saved by the two halves of us, even in sleep?

I cannot help but wonder.

Every thought causes a physical reaction.

Do our thoughts play out in that space between dreaming, where we have no control? Could this explain some of the strange things that happen during the day?

I have a feeling our subconscious mind could be a trickster, seeing as how it knows nothing about right or wrong.

It works only with our thoughts as if they are made of plastic, moulding them as best it can to the thought received.

A string of lights has a space between. Our dreams are the same, they come one after another, many forgotten by morning.

Do they fall into the space between?

Do they develop into something stranger?

Is the space dangerous? Can another enter, stay with us and live alongside us?

Is it the place we go when life is done and the lights go out?

Could it be a dream tower where the text of our lives is written?

If we could dream it, could we change the words.

Rewrite our own text with words and thoughts to bring the desired effect?

What if the space between is a playground where the future is written?


A small word with a big meaning…


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