#Small Bites… The Devil

small bites


The Devil

All my life I have tried to outrun the devil.

He is always a step ahead, waiting around the next corner

To make sure I don’t miss my next hell-raising event.

One of these days, I hope he trips over his own tail

Landing on that fork he carries.

Then I can get my life back…


11 thoughts on “#Small Bites… The Devil

  1. Ahh, don’t we all wish for that. But truth be told we need the threat of he could be around the next proverbial corner … of only to keep us on our toes. Just… sometimes, some of us see him/her with far more frequency than most which frankly is unfair! Your poem captured that perfectly. 😮

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  2. I wrote a poem sometime back, can’t remember the title but a line read
    ‘the pitched fork-man alert on guard’
    ‘in torment and witless woe’…that’s all I can remember but it seems we need the pitched fork-man to execute his torment on himself

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