The Silver BMW… #Poetry




The Silver BMW

I was born to love life, unfortunately

 Some two-wheeled idiot took it from me.

I lay on the road not feeling anything

I heard myself say, “Why can’t I feel anything?”

To the left of me, a voice said

 “Guess you’re dead mate.”

There was no one there. The ambulance had taken my body.

Someone had taken the kid from the bike and

I could see myself wrapped around the handlebars.

As a flat truck loaded me and the bike on board

I didn’t fancy spending eternity

Wrapped around this piece of shit

Besides, they were going to strip and squash it.

Again with the disembodied voice

“You just need to know how to get off it.”

“Great, any idea how I can do that?”

Nothing, Silence. Suddenly I am being taken.

A light so bright if I had earth eyes, I would be blind.

“You saved me once, now it is my turn.”

That damn voice the last thing I remember.

I awoke in the hospital, my leg in plaster

Wondering whom I had saved.

A young lady entered the room

Carrying a balloon and flowers

She thanked me for pushing her

Away from an oncoming bike

Leaving me to wonder what went on

In my mind, mangled on that pavement.


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