Four Seasons: Winter



Winter is a time when I hope to see snow falling. I know it can be trouble, electric cables pulled down with the weight of it. People left in the cold with no lights, often no water either.

Roads closed, yet for me, it is pure magic. Not one snowflake the same as another. The world under a white blanket.

Spring bulbs loving the cold, a time of woolly hats and warm coats.  Hands hidden inside gloves, snowballs, looking over garden walls hoping to spot a snowman. This all reminds me that a part of us never grows old.

I always build our snowman in the front garden so I can see the smiles on people’s faces as they pass by.

Best of all, it is a time to sit with my family around a log fire, toasting marshmallows as we look forward to Christmas.

Not forgetting the carol singers…

Anita Dawes

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