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No longer can I turn my face away

Nor close my ears to the howls of the lost souls

Clawing their way out of hell.

I hear them in my dreams

So many who found no forgiveness

Nor the mysteries of those who wake in the night

Speaking in tongues.

No longer can I hide

As I walk through the green hills

The mist never so thick as today.

Watching the clouds roll across the midday sky

I wonder about the mean things hidden from my mind.

My day rolls on

I sit on an old fallen tree stump

Contemplating where I should go

What direction should I take?

I sit a while longer

Wishing I had brought my smokes with me

I promised mum I would give them up

As I could no longer bear the mean stare of passers-by

Whenever I light one up

They make me feel like a leper

Unclean, unwanted. Like so many others,

Whose habits have been judged unbecoming by others.

My walk home was slow

My mind filled with thoughts.

Who am I, if I cannot help others, nor learn to pray?

Not sure that praying works

I would be better off looking for the yellow brick road

To find the wisdom I have lost…

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