Jungle Book



The family had been looking forward to watching the new Jungle Book film on TV this Christmas, and listening to them talking about it, I wondered why they loved it so much. I had never seen the earlier cartoon version, although I knew the songs from all the clips they show.



I only had a vague idea of the story. A baby brought up in the forest by wolves, befriended by a lovable old bear called Ballou. A different telling of Tarzan, I thought.

This version was not just a cartoon. They used real animals combined with CGI to create a magical story, and I was instantly enthralled. Although I personally hate technology in all its forms, as whenever I try to utilise it, everything usually goes pear shaped. But I can appreciate it when other people use it well, and this film is flawless.



Children (and adults) will love this film, and not just for the animals and scenery. This timeless story, with its ultimate message of peace and goodwill is a valuable one in today’s world.

Pity we can’t get all the world leaders to watch it too…