#Six on Saturday… #Bonsai

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For some reason, I thought I couldn’t take part in this week’s #Six on Saturday because flowers are hard to find in our garden just now. There are some interesting flower buds to look forward to, but nothing worth photographing.

Then I realised that I didn’t need flowers, as it could be six of anything. That was when I decided to share the real colour that we have right now. I am talking about my beautiful bonsai, all doing their very best to cheer me up.

This acer has to be my favourite, as it is such a vibrant, exciting colour. As the year progresses, the colour fades to green, changing to yellow in the autumn.

Closely followed by this acer, a really special genus that has the most amazing colourways. Luckily, these colours do not fade, so we can enjoy them for longer…

This acer has had an unfortunate past, when one of the main branches just up and died. I thought the tree was doomed, but as you can see, it is doing well. I love its dark colouring and spikey leaves…

This is a pink Hawthorne that refuses to flower, something I need a little help with. All of my bonsai are strong and healthy, but the ones that are supposed to flower, just don’t. I have tried all of the things that are supposed to work!

Another acer and this one breaks the rules on the number of leaves it has. Literally smothered with foliage, I have to thin it out, regularly just so it can breathe…

Finally, this is a white wisteria, being grown as a bonsai. It’s too early for this one to flower, but I await that glorious moment with increasing impatience. That’s if I can figure out what I must be doing wrong. I would appreciate any help on this subject please?