I’m Still Glowing…

Image by Michael Schwarzenberger from Pixabay

I am still glowing (just like these lamps) from my happy baby day and hoping
for another visit soon.

Somehow, all this glowing has encouraged me to work harder. It has fired up
my determination and set the ideas machine in action again. I haven’t seen my
old buddy enthusiasm for so long, but it was great to see it back where it

During my pre-dawn writing session this morning, I knew I had reached a crucial
stage. Writing a mystery can be challenging. Knowing what to reveal for maximum
suspense and impact and when a dropped hint would be better, but this is one of
the reasons I love writing them.

I had arrived at the moment of truth, which needed to be handled carefully.
What will my characters do with this knowledge? This weekend, I hope to see the
end of this story, for although I am writing it, I am governed by my characters;
I can only hope they know what they’re doing!

15 thoughts on “I’m Still Glowing…

  1. Pleased you’re reinvigorated. Writing before dawn isn’t my thing though. Isn’t it wonderful how a new life can renew everyone?
    Anyone except a writer would wonder at your last statement about wondering if your characters know what they’re doing.I can imagine them scratching their heads and thinking, “But you’re writing this, and the characters are made up. They aren’t real, so how can they say what they will do?” Accompanied by thoughts of insanity.
    I well remember the first time a character decided to do something I hadn’t thought of. It was a reveal that surprised even me. It was only when I realised other people had this experience I realised I wasn’t mad.
    Now I trust them enough to begin writing a story and to give them some amount of freedom.

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