Rain Soaked on Saturday… #SixonSaturday ?

I am sure this post doesn’t qualify for a #Six on Saturday, as I am sure you have seen some of these before. But I braved the weather to get them, so here they are!

Top of the list is my long-suffering double azalea. Earlier this year, it didn’t look happy, so I had a peek at the roots only to find it didn’t seem to have any. Either the foul weather we had back then had rotted them, or something had eaten them. I have had this bonsai for a long time now and it has never thrived, but still insisted on flowering every Christmas. I just wish it would grow a bit and look a lot healthier. This latest setback should have carried it off, but with fresh compost and a sheltered position, it is looking better than it has in ages. Those flowers are doubles and far too heavy for the spindly branch that carries them, but the leaves are greener and more plentiful.

This acer cannot decide what it’s doing. The leaves should be changing colour now, not producing new leaves. I am beginning to think that mother nature is getting a little crazy too…

This is another crazy acer, all those new leaves arrived a few weeks ago!

This was a present from the birds and is my mystery bonsai. I am not sure what it’s meant to be, I just love the colour of the leaves!

My new olive tree will be needing a proper pot next year. I cannot believe how much it has grown in one year…

I forget the name of this one, and it is an unusual subject for a bonsai, but I love the berries!

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