Good News and Bad News…

I really wanted to do a Six on Saturday post today, but short of going for a walk to see if I could find something to photograph, I don’t have anything.

There have been other developments this week, however. I have good news and bad news. I have been putting off cutting the grass as the weather has been against me. So when the sun did show his face and the warmth returned, I knew I couldn’t put it off any longer. I waited until late afternoon, hoping it would be cooler and dragged my old faithful mower out of the shed.

We have two areas of grass. The one near the house is easy to manage and quick to mow. The second patch is at the bottom of the garden. The wild bit.

This is where I was using the strimmer to remove the long grass and nearly chopped off my toe. The part I managed to strim was easy to mow, but when I moved to the long grass, the mower kept stalling, the long grass wrapped around the blades.

Image by Pexels from Pixabay

This mower is quite old, and our garden has not been kind, so after removing each blockage, it made a weird noise and stalled again. This time, it didn’t cooperate when I cleared the grass, so I knew I had probably asked too much of it, and it had died on me. I must finish the job with the strimmer, wearing strong, sensible shoes this time!

The good news is I finally added a subscriber form to our website. I have wanted (and tried) to do this for a long time. I did manage (I think) to have a pop-up form a while ago, but I never saw it, so I assumed it wasn’t working.

Let me tell you, it wasn’t easy. My brain baulks at technology, and there has been a lot of baulking over the last two weeks. Mailerlite tried their best to guide me, most of which I couldn’t make work. WP tried, too, with similar results. So, how on earth did I manage to pull this off?

After being directed to so many places to do so many manoeuvres, I became familiar with the system and started experimenting. This usually works for me, for I manage to hit a button that works sooner or later. I didn’t expect this to take so long, and I almost gave up several times.

To be brutally honest, I am surprised my PC still works as I cursed it to hell and back, threatening to bash its non-helpful screen in.

Mailerlite, despite the complications, is a much better system than Mailchimp, and I am over the moon that I have made the change.

My next challenge is creating a newsletter, but I might have a few days off to give my damaged brain cells time to recover!

I hope I haven’t murdered the mower!

19 thoughts on “Good News and Bad News…

  1. Hope the strimmer bits aren’t/weren’t too much to do …our long-ish grass behind the trailer has stopped ann growth for the season, and 4-5 months of snow on top of it will reduce anything above the ground to mulch so we decided that we’ve done enough mowing for the year. 😀

  2. I feel your pain with technology! Being forced to give up the way I did WP and now have to use Jet Pack I am ready to give up blogging. I’m happy you got it figured out and you still have toes!

  3. I’m horrible with technology most of the time so I understand the struggle, but yay glad you got it done in the end. I’ve been wanting to add a newsletter too but I’m too stressed out right now to even bother. Let us know if you’re able to get that done too.

  4. I did get my son’s strimmer out, keeping my feet and the cable well out of the way. After trying it on my mini meadow in the back garden, where I wouldn’t be seen I progressed to the front yesterday. The string disappeared within seconds, but next door came to the rescue and got the ‘string’ threaded back and working…. I have this fantasy of no front lawn just naturalised bulbs and wild flowers and grass waving in the breeze! My hand mower would never have made it through the grass.

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