A Weird Week… Monday…

I started thinking like this yesterday morning. There was definitely a touch of the weird going on. What I didn’t know was just how strange it would get.

I felt really happy for a start. It was not my usual mindset for the beginning of another week. Usually, I hope for the best, but by lunchtime, things have slipped into the typical frustrating pattern. You know the one.

You can try, but you know it isn’t gonna work. No matter how much optimism you pour into it, someone somewhere will say no, or you must be joking. Or go away and don’t return until you know what you’re doing.

When lunchtime approached, I realised that none of that had happened. Had I stumbled into another world where things go my way for a change?

It was starting to look like it.

I raced through all the reading, checking, and posting that goes on every day without fail and came out the other end feeling even better.

What was going on?

That’s when I remembered that I had a doctor’s appointment. It was time to visit Grumpy to be told I was getting old, and what else did I expect. Not forgetting it was a sin to mention too many problems at one visit!

I put on my brave (rapidly ageing) face, strolled in, sat down, and asked how she was today. She was doing something complicated, using both monitors and barely acknowledging my presence. For ten minutes, I twiddled my thumbs and stared at everything in the room, thinking weirder was getting worse. In case you’re wondering, my name was not on either screen, so whatever she was doing, she was doing it on my time.

When she finally turned to me, she apologised and asked me how I was.

‘You asked to see me…’ I said.

‘Oh, did I?’ and started scrutinising the monitor again.

After I reminded her of my medical history, she remembered why I was there. A brief reminder that I must never stop taking the corticosteroid, as it was dangerous. I waited three weeks for this appointment and felt weird again. Surely, she could have emailed me with that information?

Weird gave way to mischief, and I mentioned my newest ailment.

‘I have another problem; can I tell you about it? You can say no…’

I could tell by her face that she remembered the last time and knew I had wanted to hit her after rudely telling me that my time was up.

To be fair, she smiled. ‘Go on then…’

To cut a long story short, I will have more tests to find out why I am having trouble swallowing…

That should be fun or not, depending on the day…

25 thoughts on “A Weird Week… Monday…

  1. I hope your test goes well along with the results. How I hate the way our doctor visits have become a time sensitive appointment. They were never like this back in the day. Now, if you take over 20 minutes you get billed the cost for another visit. This happened to me and the next time I went in I told her I wasn’t talking to her about anything but one thing. I told her not to make my appointment go over the 20 minutes because I am not paying for it. That is what was funny, she talked as much as I did.

  2. Doctor’s visits are always a trial. If you can actually get to see one! How rude of her not to acknowledge your presence!
    Once upon a time, in the dim and distant past, you could actually see a doctor and they didn’t rush you. It wasn’t forbidden to mention more than one symptom at a single visit. I mentioned several symptoms I thought were unrelated. The doctor immediately recognised what was wrong. All those seemingly disparate symptoms were actually symptoms of the same thing. I was immediately diagnosed and sorted.
    Now it would take probably months as each symptom would be independently assessed before anyone thought to put them together.
    So much for improvement in health care!
    Anyway, I think they want to get rid of us oldies. But I ain’t going yet! I hope you’re not either.

  3. If she tried to tell you your time was up this time, you could say “that’s because you ignored me for the first ten minutes of my time, so you *will* listen to me on ten minutes of *your* time.” I despise doctors like this.

    Hopefully everything is ok, and the tests go smoothly!

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