Thursday… Thoughtful or Thankful?

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Thursday… Thoughtful or Thankful?

To be brutally honest, I am having trouble being thankful or thoughtful these days. My brain seems to have shrunk to the size of a pea, making thinking very difficult. I can still worry, however, which makes no sense to me whatsoever.

As the head of my small household, I get to do most things around here and worrying seems to be part of the job. Caring for my sister is my main occupation, and everything else must revolve around that. After her massive heart attack three years ago, the damage to her heart is being managed by a strict regime of medication and the ever-present pacemaker. Since then, she has added diabetes and thyroid problems to the list. Not bad for someone who has never been ill before!

Between us, we are managing to keep on top of all this. Just lately, though, something else is going on with my sister. Despite a lot of devious encouragement from me, a visit to the doctor has been ruled out. So that, as they say, is that, at least for now.

The last of my tests are tomorrow, and then my doctor can give me her opinion. After her last effort, I will try to keep a straight face!

Most of my complaints are due to old age and general wear and tear, so I’m not expecting any miracle cure for any of them. None of them are likely to kill me unless there are a few villains lurking around, hiding in plain sight.

If I am honest, and I usually am, I am thankful that my life is not worse. That my family are doing well, and the future looks reasonably secure. I have everything crossed as I write this…

Shame about the lack of thoughtfulness, though, as I need to find some soon, or the WIP will languish without me.

I suppose this post constitutes a bit of a gentle rant, but it is always helpful to talk about our problems, and you have all been so kind to us both…

On a much lighter note, my bread-making day turned out quite well; at least the family is eating it!

which do you prefer, white or brown bread?

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  1. Oh, the brown bread had me drooling! That was one of the foods I enjoyed SO much while in Ireland. There is just something different about it that I can’t replicate here. Here’s wishing some good days ahead for both you and Anita!

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