Monday… and no blood clots in the leg!

I was up earlier than usual, probably apprehensive about the day’s activities.

Only to be greeted by a text message from number one son, the day’s chauffeur. He had been up all night with a raging toothache and had an emergency dental appointment.

His face was terribly swollen, and he looked like Bugs Bunny, and I agreed that he wouldn’t be safe behind the wheel. One thing led to another, but we managed to find another available driver. I was happy to be dropped off at the hospital, for I didn’t think it was fair for anyone to hang around all afternoon, as my appointments were for 2.15 and 5.15.

My request went unheeded. I was secretly pleased to have the pleasure of my favourite daughter-in-law’s company for the whole afternoon. We always found plenty of things to chat about, and there was the new baby, too, so we wouldn’t be bored.

The first appointment was the scan for my poor leg. An ultrasound scan similar to the ones used in maternity. My leg was covered in jelly, and the nurse checked every vein from the top of my leg down to the ankle.

The verdict: all of my smaller veins were clear and healthy, but the larger deep vein seemed sluggish. That wasn’t the word she used, but I think that’s what she meant. Not a conclusive result, but there were absolutely no blood clots anywhere!

We had two hours to kill, so there was a Costa’s on the ground floor, so we treated ourselves to hot chocolate and a toasted ham and cheese sandwich.

Still, an hour to go. I wondered if we would get lucky if we presented ourselves at the mobile scanner. They said they could squeeze us in if they could, but not at the expense of the other patients. All we could do was pray someone would be late, or better still, not turn up at all…

In the end, we didn’t get fitted in and waited until 5.20. Before my turn came, I was fitted with a catheter in my wrist, as a contrast dye would be used to inspect the veins in my chest.

The scanner was this huge white machine looking like a crazy doughnut. I had to lie down with my arms above my head. A tube was fitted to the catheter, and the machine was switched on. There were a lot of weird noises, and I was moved up and down a few times. I was told when the dye would be released, and a gradual heat spread through my body, the weirdest feeling ever. It even rushed down to my feet! An ethereal voice from inside the machine told me when to hold my breath and when to breathe again. This happened several times, and then it was all over. No results, however. I would find out later in the week if they found anything suspicious.

On the way home, my head felt weird. Not quite a headache, just weird.

On Friday, I have x-rays and a blood test, so all the bases are covered.

This afternoon, I am going to make some bread and finish strimming the grass in the garden. I need to work on the WIP too…

Business as usual!

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