A Disappointing Week…

It has rained every day this week, so we have literally been confined to barracks.

No gardening has been done, and the patio is unfinished. The grass is growing at an alarming rate, so that will need cutting when it finally stops raining. It seems that everywhere I look is a job that I can’t start or finish, and this has had a knock-on effect on my enthusiasm.

My get-up-and-go is still operational but becoming rather fussy. I don’t have the luxury of choosing what I do these days, and this reminds me of my school days. Luckily, I get to do a lot of work on the WIP and the new book is growing by leaps and bounds, although I feel more than a little conscious of the neglected workload.

I am not entirely dominated; however, that could never happen! and insisted on writing this post before I switched off the computer. I have been dodging a rather large elephant in the room, too, something that worries me a lot, but have always tried to avoid actually confronting it. I tried to write a post on the subject the other day and failed miserably.

What I really want to know is how and when do you know when old age gets the better of you?

I have been ignoring all those times when I forget something, for everyone does that sometimes, don’t they?

How about those missing moments times when, in the middle of doing something I do every day, my brain switches off, and nothing I do switches it back on? When everything in front of me is so alien I could scream?

I should add that everything works fine when I am writing, which seems odd, but I have been forced to abandon two crochet projects as I couldn’t understand the patterns.

I don’t ever want to get too old to do all the things that swim around inside my head, but I have a sneaky feeling that time isn’t far away. My body might let me down, and it’s doing its darn best, but I never thought the grey cells would let me down too…

60 thoughts on “A Disappointing Week…

  1. If writing is your sanity, keep on writing. As for the weather. All we’ve had are thick clouds and thick humidity from the fires in our north, for weeks. Not more than 10 minutes of burst of sunshine. 🙂 x

  2. How dare the weather interrupt our schedules! 😀 … we too, have grass to mow, but our bete noir at the moment is smoke, surrounded on all sides, (but in no danger ourselves, and may that continue to be so) by wildfires, the smoke ranges from ‘what is that smell’, to ‘not venturing outside today, at all’.
    I do that kind of forgetfullness too, and the funny (perhaps tragic, but funny never-the-less) thing is that I can’t really remember if I’ve always been this way, or not. 😀 … still, in the best traditions of, of, of something, we shall, stay calm and carry on. 😀

  3. It is a fact that those who are concerned about the ravages of age are usually never ravaged. If you know you forget things, then you are still with us. If you are moving around, you are still with it, even if the movement is painful. If your mind goes, you won’t be fretting about forgetting things cause you won’t know it’s gone. If you become too feeble to move you will know old age has you. Good luck from someone older than you.

  4. I’m sorry to hear that you had a disappointing week. It sounds like you had a lot of challenges and frustrations with your writing, editing and publishing. I can relate to some of the issues you faced, and I know how discouraging they can be. But I also admire your perseverance and determination to keep going and improve your work. You have a lot of talent and creativity, and I’m sure you will overcome these obstacles and achieve your goals.

  5. I can understand your worries and the anguish this will cause. Once we pass the 7-0 I think most of us start to wonder ‘How much left’, which is a bit of a distraction, and of course our bodies are not has lively as they used to be.
    I’m watching our grass grow. thriving with rain and mild weather (although that is a joke in our house, that I only have to think ‘cut grass’ and it rains).
    It seems we must adapt as best we can, as we can how we can.
    We resolve to Keep on Keeping On….Sometimes I work on the basis that ‘doing stuff’ is good, because ‘doing stuff’ covers such a wide area, and there is always ‘stuff’. (I make weekly lists including even the most mundane ‘stuff’ and if even half of them get done….well)
    Best wishes

  6. I feel the gradual impact of age too, Jaye. At least you’re writing and keeping your brain sharp that way. The weather here is cooperating, so I’m not even doing that. I hope your new week is dry and gets you outside. Hang in there and don’t sweat the small stuff – like the length of the grass. 🙂

  7. I, too, have projects I’m not beginning or not finishing due to the unpredictable nature of the weather. Rather than blame old age, I’ll chalk it up to experience. I know what it’s like to be caught in the rain but still have to finish something, or put my tools away or have to rope off an area of the yard that’s no longer safe for people to walk through. I might think longer about how to approach a project, but since I’ve started down the wrong path more than a few times, I’ll file that under “lessons learned.”

    I hope you get some good weather soon. Enjoy the time writing, and maybe give those patterns a second look.

  8. Stay positive My Friend. Sometimes one just hast sit down and look at what has to be done; and, leave it at that for another day. Enjoy today for what it is. Stay Smiling.

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