How Hard is it to Actually Win?

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I do enjoy a tennis match, and every year I look forward to Wimbledon.

Having said that, however, not all tennis matches.

There are the ones where uneven players are at different stages in their careers, resulting in a disappointing match.

The best tennis comes from those players who are evenly matched, where neither gives an inch and the score remains frustratingly even. Winning these matches is incredibly difficult, almost impossible in some cases.

Of course, being performed out of doors, the weather plays a big part in the enjoyment (and the frustrations too). Mid-summer doesn’t make for an easy time, even when the rain stays away, as the heat build-up on the tennis courts can reach very high temperatures.

Added to this is the fact that matches can, and often do, last for hours. I often wonder how they manage to play and not drop from heat stroke.

The best matches are the ones that feature my favourite players. Uncomplicated, you might think, only one player to cheer for?

Today I watched one of the hardest matches I have seen in a long time.

Andy Murray, one of England’s hopefuls, recently recovering from hip replacements, is challenging Stefanos Tsitsipas from Greece.

A part of me will always root for Andy, partly because he is English but also because he never finds winning easy. He’s not getting any younger, either.

I love watching Stefanos, as he plays amazing tennis.

As I write this, the match is nearing the end. It’s still anyone’s game, and the score is even.

Who do I really want to win?

As a writer, I spend a lot of time studying people, even tennis players. They always reveal their personalities when they play.

At the moment, Andy is getting really frustrated, and it shows. Stefanos, in contrast, is calm and trying so hard to win; determination is carved all over his face.

I usually allow fate to decide most things. I often see this in action when the ball hits the net yet somehow finds its way over, scoring the point for the other player.

Right now, Fate must be sitting on the fence. Maybe she will make up her mind in a minute…

I’m not a very good fan, for I tend to root for the better player in any match, but right now, I cannot decide…

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