Image by Pete Linforth from Pixabay 

Life is getting a bit weird these days.

While I don’t consider myself smarter than the average bear, I do have a reasonably good memory. I love answering most of the questions on quiz shows, and at 79, I often impress my family.


This morning, something very strange happened.

I was upstairs making the beds, something I do every morning. After making the first bed, I turned around to make the other one, only to find it had already been made. I stood there for a while, staring at it, sure I had not done it.

The trouble is, no one else owned up to doing it.

I am obviously at the right age for a few memory problems. I won’t use the name as I don’t want to bring it to me. I am kinda hoping it will give me a miss!

Any stranger happenings, though, and I shall start to worry, as most of the rows between me and my sister are based on one of us not remembering something correctly. I hope this doesn’t get any worse, as neither of us like giving in, or admitting we were wrong, so God help us!

As a carer, I know how difficult this job can be at times. If I could choose the next stage of my life, it would be that neither of us loses our marbles. Or that both do. Just one of us would be so unfair…

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