Harmonious Night – #Poetry of the #NaturalWorld


Who can sleep when there are words to write,
While the moon hangs o’re the Slumbering Night,
Chasing dreams in shades most Compelling,
Pouring into my heart, it’s lush secrets telling.

Long the willows caress the breeze,
While cicadas drone in the darkened trees,
Serenade of Moonlight, Softly sighing,
Upon the trades, my Spirit Flying.

Distant as the glimmering Morn,
All my worries forgotten, like pages, torn,
Spacious skies, Entrancing my Sight,
Stars in their courses, Twinkling Light.

Ever could I Walk ‘neath the Harmonious Night,
Mute with Wonder at the Lyrical sight.


Poetry and Art by ~Morgan~

~Thank You for reading ~

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