The Glass Bridge… #Poetry

Image by Kathleen Handrich from Pixabay


The Glass Bridge

Sunlight illuminates the glass bridge
that hangs between dark green foliage
Too high, too delicate to walk upon
Yet I must take my first step.
There is magic calling
I feel it tingling against my skin
Each step releasing angelic music
The wind carries it forward
Teasing me to follow
Come see what lies beyond the last step
My feet now on solid ground
Yet the vibrations tell a different story
It snakes up my body, daring me to move on
Should I turn back?
I look over my shoulder
The bridge is no longer hanging there
I am looking at a solid block of dark green trees
My fate now lies ahead.
Here the foliage is soft, a warmer shade of green
A welcoming warm breeze
washing small fears from my mind
A gentle voice telling me there is no pain here
We have been expecting you
Welcome to Shangrilah…


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