Disappointing Days… #Poetry

We have reached the end of the second week of covid and are nowhere near as recovered as we thought. We seem to get new symptoms every day, so trying not to feel miserable is almost impossible.

We both tested clear this morning, so that was such good news!

I have been trying to keep the grumpy demons at bay by thinking about a new case for David Snow. I can always rely on him to cheer me up.

Anita is struggling too, but fortunately, she finds solace in her poetry. Today’s wonderful acrostic poem seems to sum up how we are both feeling at the moment…

Loud Drumming

Out across the universe, voices whisper
No man is safe from his imagination
Over time, whispers become words, become deeds
Mirrored in black, the world grows dark
After stating their claim, the web grows stronger
Token friendships, leaving the world a colder place
Out among the shadows, suspicion grows
People follow their master, like sheep they tremble
Opinion has taken over from truth
Evening shadows follow the loud drumming
Inside each mind, suspicion grows wider
Affection, along with the spoken word has died…


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