Coming to Terms…

Image by Dominik Rheinheimer from Pixabay 

“Huge oaks from little acorns grow…”

This phrase has been running around in my head for days, and I’m pretty sure it has something to do with my present marketing endeavours for my latest story, Ghost of a Chance.

Marketing is not the easiest thing to do, at least with any degree of success, especially nowadays. Despite what else is going on, I am determined to stick with my plan.

Although I am presently running around like a headless chicken, preparing my latest work of art (I hope) for its release on 27th September, I have wanted to write a post on our other development.

Not an easy post to write, which is why I have been dragging my heels, but I need to write it to get it out of my head.

Since escaping from the hospital last week, I have been trying not to think about it. Especially what may or may not happen next.

Two years ago, when my sister had her massive heart attack, it was touch and go for weeks as they tried desperately to stabilize her. Once that was accomplished, they seemed to forget about her. Follow-up appointments fail to arrive, despite our doctor’s intervention. We do know what to do if the need arises, and they probably rely on that.

Fast forward to the present day and my own heart problems. After failing to unblock my artery, I was sent home with medication clearly designed to prevent any more blockages from developing. Supposedly, an appointment will follow at some point. Four to six weeks was mentioned for another procedure, but as the days pass, I have stopped waiting for the letter to arrive.

Maybe we are too old for them to worry about it anymore?

We have been made comfortable, and hopefully, we will stay that way.

And you know something, we are happy with that…

From the Two of us!

19 thoughts on “Coming to Terms…

  1. Do not be complacent Jaye. Dial them daily and get yourself looked after properly, not at their leisure. I know how much our own medical system has turned to crap since Covid. It’s how I lost my husband. 😦

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  2. Until you get your appointment, call politely EVERY day.

    Do NOT turn into an emergency.

    Doctors are busy; they tend to see the worst cases, and to let easier cases (which could have been resolved had you seen them earlier) wait in line. And then it takes forever to get an appointment.

    Don’t exaggerate symptoms, but keep a log and report all symptoms, especially any that are getting worse, promptly (in your daily polite call?). If you have friends who are doctors, now is the time to talk to them – before something which is worsening gets really bad.

    Take care of yourself. Apparently your doctors can’t do ‘best care’ for some reason.

    In case you’re wondering, I’m in the same boat.

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