WIP Wednesday…

I thought I would get to the end of my current WIP, Ghost of a Chance, yesterday…


I expect many of you have reached this point, only to have the same thing happen to you.

In my head, one by one, each character had a but, and to be fair, they were legitimate buts.

Consequently, I spent the evening reviewing their ideas. I realised the story was nowhere near finished.

I eventually switched off my brain and went to bed after scribbling several pages of notes and detailed plans for at least three more chapters. As I fell asleep, I knew why this had happened. It had happened before with one of my earlier books. After staring at the story, day after day, I had become obsessed with coming to the end, as if this would magically be the answer. Of course, it never is. On that earlier occasion, the ending I came up with was rushed, and it showed. Badly…

Endings are so essential to get right. It’s a shame they came at a time when we wish we hadn’t started…

Is this bad habit just me, or have any of you had this problem?

18 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday…

  1. When I realised Last Dragon was going to be a full-length novel and not a short story as I’d originally intended, (I’ve never met a short story I couldn’t turn into 100,000 words without really trying! 😀 ) I told myself I would just write the story as it happened and not worry about ‘the end’ until I got there. This was a dramatic shift for me because I tend to visualise the ending and can’t understand why everyone else wants all the fluff inbetween … a bit of an exaggeration there 😀 but there was a part of my brain that thought just that … and then I realised it was going to be a series! Oiiiii! 😀

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  2. You are so right, Jaye. When we get close, we can’t wait to cross the finish line, but your ‘buts’ are the perfect example of why we need to take the time to flesh out the entire story. Thanks for sharing!

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