Six on Saturday… #Flowers

I think this is a wild rose, but not completely sure…

This is a Myrtle. It grows in my front garden, and people often stop to admire it!

This is a very old, friendly beetle and he seems to have made himself at home in our garden…

The tomatoes are flowering, we are looking forward to homegrown tomatoes!

The dwarf sunflowers have decided to flower after all…

This has to be the flower of the week, as we are really pleased with this display of sweetpeas!

#SixonSaturday is a lovely way to enjoy flowers. Learn all about it on The Propagator’s website.

5 thoughts on “Six on Saturday… #Flowers

  1. Beautiful, all of them! The first one’s blossoms (especially the centers) look like the Cherokee Rose that grew wild in Georgia where I grew up. (Not sure where you are, or in what regions they grow.) They’re viney and can be trained to grow to cover an entire fence.
    Have a bloomin’ good week. Hugs on the wing.

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