Almost is Such a Weird Word…

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A writer’s life is not what I thought it would be in the beginning.

Maybe years ago, it was what I imagined, but in these digital times, it has changed so radically from that idyllic, if rather a romantic, notion of what being a writer would be like.

These days, we all wear so many different hats, it’s a wonder we get around to writing anything.

What with the constant struggle to write interesting posts, review all the books we read; trying to find new and practical promotional ideas.

Not to mention all the thinking, worrying, emails and planning, there are not enough hours in the day!

So when I read about organising my life better, my interest was aroused! In this POST, the author recommends assigning different days for specific jobs and not deviating from this agenda. I thought this could work, but not sure about using an alarm clock to keep me on track!

I have long attempted to devise a routine that would help me to get more done, but the harder I try, the more complicated it seems to be and the slower I seem to get.

I have always had a problem with rules and restrictions. Or instead, fate seems to have on my behalf. The minute I decide on a certain idea, timetable or schedule, you can just bet something, or someone will come along and wreck it!

I try to be more productive, especially with my writing, and one of the ways I have found that actually works is to try and write 1000 words every day. As I am up long before anyone else in my family, I usually manage this easily, so in one area, at least, I have it covered. As for everything else, I have almost given up hope as I cannot find a solution that works. I have almost concluded that it may not be possible to go much further, and it might be sensible to stop trying.

Almost is such a weird word, isn’t it?

25 thoughts on “Almost is Such a Weird Word…

  1. All these systems require one thing: a human who is physically and mentally capable of implementing them.

    I can’t. It’s very restful sometimes. You do the best you can when you can – and dump the angst – because there’s nothing else you can do.

    When I was younger, I could – and was. The rotating card file for chores, the lists, the … well, you get the idea. The BASEBOARDS in my house had a time-slot to get dusted! But chronic illness and disability upend everything, and if you let that get you, you’re doomed.

    Today, if at all possible, my writing comes first, because that is the source of the joy (I’m grumpy because life has been making that impossible for a while).

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  2. I SO relate to this, Jaye Marie. You described me to a Tee! I too have always struggled with rules and restrictions. I think that all stems back to my childhood and growing up in a strict religious home where everything was forbidden. It’s hard to juggle everything and my writing is most often the thing that suffers the most. At the rate I’m going, I’ll never get this new book written. Sigh. I need an intervention!

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  3. I would love to have a schedule and be able to stick with it. I’d even use an alarm clock or timer if it would help. But life just doesn’t work that way for me. I’m running around like a nutcase most of the time. I’m going to pop over to Ari’s and see if she can pin me down. And great to hear that you’re writing. That’s huge! Keep it up.

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  4. Thanks for sharing the link to my article. It can be hard getting into a productive routine and sometimes we just have to try lots of different methods until the one that works best for us, our circumstances etc sticks. 🙂

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  5. I used to try to cram order into chaos juggling so many things all at once..
    Now I just follow my intuition and allow myself to go with the flow. And things still get completed just without all the stress I created for myself..
    Do what you feel inspired to do , and let the rest fall into place.. 💚💖💚

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  6. I’m horrible at rules and restrictions too and having a routine is difficult for me. Now that I’m working I have been forced to have at least somewhat of a routine which has helped me be more productive but it can also be exhausting.

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  7. That is exactly how it is! Not enough hours, too much to do. I love my blogging life and I love my writing life… then there are all the things we feel we should do. I need to decide to ‘drop a few balls’; but which? All advice welcome!

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