Almost is Such a Weird Word…

Image by Irina_kukuts from Pixabay

A writer’s life is not what I thought it would be in the beginning.

Maybe years ago, it was what I imagined, but in these digital times, it has changed so radically from that idyllic, if rather a romantic, notion of what being a writer would be like.

These days, we all wear so many different hats, it’s a wonder we get around to writing anything.

What with the constant struggle to write interesting posts, review all the books we read; trying to find new and practical promotional ideas.

Not to mention all the thinking, worrying, emails and planning, there are not enough hours in the day!

So when I read about organising my life better, my interest was aroused! In this POST, the author recommends assigning different days for specific jobs and not deviating from this agenda. I thought this could work, but not sure about using an alarm clock to keep me on track!

I have long attempted to devise a routine that would help me to get more done, but the harder I try, the more complicated it seems to be and the slower I seem to get.

I have always had a problem with rules and restrictions. Or instead, fate seems to have on my behalf. The minute I decide on a certain idea, timetable or schedule, you can just bet something, or someone will come along and wreck it!

I try to be more productive, especially with my writing, and one of the ways I have found that actually works is to try and write 1000 words every day. As I am up long before anyone else in my family, I usually manage this easily, so in one area, at least, I have it covered. As for everything else, I have almost given up hope as I cannot find a solution that works. I have almost concluded that it may not be possible to go much further, and it might be sensible to stop trying.

Almost is such a weird word, isn’t it?