And Then It Snowed… #SixOnSaturday ~ #Flowers…

Luckily, I took these pictures just before the Siberian weather moved in…

We inherited this beautiful bush, so I have no idea what it is called. Usually first to bloom, it becomes a mass of white flowers. It is a weeping variety and seems determined to dominate the garden, although I don’t mind at all…

This magnolia was a gift a few years back. It still hasn’t made up its mind to thrive, so I was delighted to see these flower buds this year!

This Japanese Quince was once a bonsai, but it never thrived, so I planted it in the garden. Seems that was just what the doctor ordered!

I love Candytuft. You start with one and end up with loads. I am thinking of getting a pink one to keep him company!

This unusual Camelia has struggled since we introduced it, but the flowers are divine. Any ideas to improve its condition are very welcome. He will love you for it too…

Finally, my favourite bonsai is waking up. The leaves are still tiny, but the colour is so beautiful. I love Acers…

I wonder what I will find next Saturday?

11 thoughts on “And Then It Snowed… #SixOnSaturday ~ #Flowers…

  1. Your magnolia looks like mine. Quince and candytuft blooming here too. That is a lovely camellia. There isn’t one in my garden, but a pure white one peeks over the fence from my nneighbour’s place. I can’t guess what the shrub in the first photo is.
    I hope the snow didn’t do any damage.

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