#BlogBattle ~ Hypnotic ~ #Poetry

November #BlogBattle: Hypnotic

A shadow plays behind my back
A court jester, making fun of my life
Would that I could cut myself free
From the thing that follows me
At the same time, I find it fascinating
Hypnotic, troublesome
How has my shadow taken on a life of its own?
What does it mean for me?
How far is it going to go?
It is taking the mickey out of the way I walk
Each time I trip, I look clumsy as I fall
It’s my shadows fault
I see his head rock back with laughter
I never fully turn to face it
The corner of my eye works well
Somehow, his mickey taking
Is transferring to my life
I wonder if I have been hexed
by a friend for some slight I have forgotten
If so, how do I break the spell?
Get my true shadow back
The one that watches over me…

© Anita Dawes 2021

5 thoughts on “#BlogBattle ~ Hypnotic ~ #Poetry

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  2. I like how you changed my perception of the shadow as I read through this piece. At first it reminded me of childhood, when we play with our shadows to ‘confirm’ it mimics our every move. But then it got me thinking about people who shadow us … for better or for worse. Great depth as always. Nice job!

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