The Sunday Whirl ~ Wordle 519 ~ #Poetry

Thoughts streaming through my mind
Sounding like cats claws on a chalk board
Try as I might, I couldn’t make sense of anything
I had a free ticket for a weekend spa
I think about it was the best I could do
I felt a sharp pain at the back of my head
By rights, I should have gone to the doctor last week
Nothing I take does any good
I open the window to let a moth out
Wishing I could fly along side
They say the mind seeks its own comfort
A lame thought from someone’s mind
Second-hand thoughts rush to join the others
In the daily grind of what to do
If I were to fray completely, would I vanish?
Could I find that sheen, the old sparkle
That carried my name, in time to save me.

© Anita Dawes 2021

4 thoughts on “The Sunday Whirl ~ Wordle 519 ~ #Poetry

  1. These are universal feelings, Anita. I did laugh out loud at the line “They say the mind seeks its own comfort. A lame thought from someone’s mind.” The mind never seeks its own comfort. When the mind thinks it is comfortable it goes out to look for more discomfort.


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