Eugi’s Weekly Prompt ~ Journey ~ #Poetry

Eugi’s Weekly Prompt – Journey – Sept. 2, 2021

I had been walking for two hours
The road ahead looked long
My feet had moved a lot of roads behind me
I didn’t seem to be getting anywhere
The road kept stretching,
like soft coloured bubble gum
faces were beginning to form
hands held out towards me
begging, pleading for help
I didn’t dare look behind me
Thinking of Lot, being turned into a pillar of salt
I could hear one voice above the whispers
The fallen souls, the unwanted
They cannot be allowed to reincarnate
The likes of Hitler and many more
If the world stands any chance of surviving
Do not feel sorry for them
They will become part of the road soon enough
Not everyone can see what you have
If you decide to write about your journey
As your mind is telling me
No one will believe you
So, remember to call it fiction…

© Anita Dawes 2021

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