The Past…

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Is it old age that has the past rushing in like a raging river?

Lost moments remembered.

The way my legs felt after taking off my roller skates, they were still there, like a phantom limb, my dad said.

The way my backside ached, playing on my bike all day. No trouble leaving the front door open, people walk in any time of the day.

Kettle always on the boil, no worries as to the lateness of the hour.

We were safe playing out after dark. That’s when I took notice of the stars.

A penny would buy a bag of broken biscuits, keep me going until teatime.

Or a bag of chips if you remembered to bring old newspapers.

Running errands for the neighbours meant I always had money to spend.

Mum gave me a shilling a week pocket money, with that I could go swimming, buy a bag of chips after.

Walking home with hot chips in my hand wrapped in newspaper, one of my best memories.

It’s not the same today, they come in polystyrene boxes.

I took my granddaughter swimming. There’s no diving, no jumping, no fun

Just swim up and down. We used to chase each other beneath the water

Pull each other under, who could make the biggest splash is frowned upon now.

Some places had a diving pool only, which feels sterile to me.

That’s the way of things these days, we all walk on tiptoes.

Could be the past should stay behind a dark curtain…

© Anita Dawes 2021

7 thoughts on “The Past…

  1. Thinking back to my childhood on a farm, I’m amazed any of us survived. Pouring gas down the ant mounds and lighting it … a few times causing quite a stir. Chasing cows in the field and having them chase us. Swimming in a ditch unsupervised, getting caught at the checkpoint. Oh yes, I don’t know how we survived. 😊

  2. we would grab trash can lids and use them for shields and then throw limestone rocks at each other. If that wasn’t enough we would joust with clothes poles. (Poles used to keep the laundry hanging on the line from hitting the ground,)

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