#Writephoto ~ Tree Man ~ #Poetry


Tree Man – Image by Willowdot21

For visually challenged writers, the image a tree that has partly been carved to represent a man (or an ape I’m undecided).

A great big thank you to Willow for agreeing to be the featured photo this month. What a beautiful photo for us. Pop over to her blog at https://willowdot21.wordpress.com/ to show her some love!

The spirit of the ages rests here in my heart
They see the daisy and smile
They don’t understand
I am more than what you see
Stop awhile, listen, you may hear me speak
If I have a message for you
I will try and plant it in your head
I may look like an old wizard, up to no good
I have my moments,
so please guard your thoughts as I hear them.
More to the point the universe has big ears
Like a bad wind, your thoughts are blown back at you
It may be as swift as an hour
Or a few days, believe me
Your thoughts are boomerang shaped
Odd, like me, so take care…

© Anita Dawes 2021

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